Foundations of Becoming Safely Embodied

Befriend your body, calm your mind, and feel safe enough to open your heart

Simple practices over take change our lives. These skills are designed to find comfortable approaches to compassionate healing. Self-paced & self-study so YOU decide WHEN and HOW MUCH to dedicate to this online course.

What if you no longer felt overwhelmed, triggered, numb, isolated, or reactive? 

What if you were no longer sabotaging yourself, hurting yourself and others, blurting out whatever comes to mind, or shutting down for no reason?

What if, instead, you could feel calmer inside, able to respond instead of reacting, not taking life so personally but able to take things in stride?

What if you knew how you are feeling when you are feeling it?


What if your body was a source of information instead of something to avoid? 

There's hope. There is a simple process. And skills to get you there.




'Foundations of Becoming Safely Embodied' is an integration of my teaching, writing, and endless quest to find simple, practical, and effective skills to grow, develop, and flourish in your life

This really has been my quest: to find practical ways for any of us to befriend our body, calm your mind, and feel safe enough to open our heart. This is a deep dive into the transformational work reflected in my books, articles, courses and live teaching.  Since this course is self-paced & self-study you get decide when and how much time you spend on this non-instructor-led course.

Recently, I was talking to a married woman who I've worked with for years. She had been angry all the time. She would blow up at the slightest provocation. Her husband and siblings didn't want to interact with her, afraid of triggering her. This was isolating. She was lonely yet unable to trust others. As much as she wanted to feel connected, she was caught in old patterns of behaviors.   

Now, people are amazed at how much less reactive she is, they seek her out, wanting to be around her. She's translated her symptoms into wisdom.  And people call on her for that to help guide them. 

She's amazed. Delighted. And so much more at peace.  

I want the same for you.

Consistent, persistent practice gets you where you want to go

This comes with integrating short, simple practices that you use consistently and persistently. 

This program is designed to do that without having you feel overwhelmed.

"In the little bit of exposure I have had to Deirdre so far, I've just been so amazed by her devoted presence, acceptance, loving, knowledge and wisdom. So, I feel very lucky to be here. I had so many 'ah-ha's!' in the very first hour. "

online course participant

Over the last 20+ years I’ve led thousands of people in learning skills and practices to release their trauma symptoms.

Too many people are suffering and there are clear ways to heal. These practices come from ancient paths and are validated by modern research.

What I’ve come to absolutely believe is that trauma, as it disrupts our ability to be safely embodied, is NOT about driving us into the uninterrupted pain of life but it IS a doorway to open our hearts to compassion. 

But we need to have a map and my goal is always to provide you with the step by step process to get you to where you want to go.  

5 minutes a day! [plus another 5 minutes + 7 seconds and more = better life]

Step by step simple skills to build a strong inner foundation. These are the essentials for healing. You can use these skills in five minutes a day or better yet, develop a habit of using them for five minutes, multiple times a day. Doing that can put you on a new path to healing.


"Bless you, Deirdre, for being so aware of the "economics" of healing. I've been healing chronic fatigue for 15+ years and really appreciate your compassion regarding how expensive (and lonely) that can be."

Online course participant

A calm mind, a relaxed body, and an open heart is possible -- without lots of hassle. 

There are essential skills that we all need to change patterns that no longer serve us.

These are universal. It's important to me that you have access to these step by step skills to stop being overwhelmed, triggered, and reactive.

I realized I needed to do more.

This is my way of contributing. You'll have the resources to watch and listen to whenever you need it, wherever you are. 

People are hungry for the step by step instructions to make sense of their inner worlds.

Which led me to create this short course: the Foundations of Becoming Safely Embodied.

It will introduce you to concepts and exercises for gently and effectively improving your relationship with yourself and others.

And, you'll have time tested, proven skills and practices that you can use right away. 

Simple practices I use every day

You'll learn skills like this one, one I use every day, multiple times a day.


Buy the Foundations of Becoming Safely Embodied and get simple skills you can use every day, all day. Self-study & self-paced!

Buy Foundations Now for only $37

"I completed the course and am so happy to continue the journey with you. I was not an active participant in the calls or comments, but I read and listened to each one. The course was exactly what I needed and the miracle I had stopped praying for. The person I am today is not the same person that I was a year ago. I had so many triggers, phobias and avoidances and could not see myself finding a way out. I still have those same triggers and phobias, but what I learned has helped me stop avoiding so much and start putting my thoughts, feelings and sensations into perspective. I have so much more room in my body and brain now. I have less reactivity and when I do react I am able to find my calm. I have learned to validate myself instead of shaming myself over what I feel. And for the first time in my 51 yrs I am actually starting to trust myself and my body. I am so grateful to Deirdre for sharing your knowledge, compassion and yes, your pain and suffering. The outreach of compassion and acknowledgment to those parts of us buried deep inside makes this a very sacred space. It can be a bit scary but after all the suffering I've experienced in the 'aloneness' of my mind, to have a group of people that understand is priceless. I hope to continue learning and finding ways to offer compassion and validation to others. "

online course participant


"Practicing self-compassion is becoming less of a struggle. I’m learning to be much more aware of body sensations. Feeling my spine when paying attention to my breath somehow gives me a healthy boundary – something about me being me matters. I don’t have to merge into the background, if that makes sense. So thank you Deirdre. It’s really encouraging!"


"I do feel like my heart has more space in it. Before the course, I felt my heart could not withstand any more heartache but I do feel that I have more capacity now. So…I really wanted to say a very big THANK YOU…I think the world is very lucky that you can share your journey and wisdom and enable people to be less in conflict with themselves."

Workshop participant

Foundations of Becoming Safely Embodied


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